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In September 2007, Star was taken into custody after being neglected.  His companion, Dusty was also picked up by the sheriff’s department when he was found, the night before roaming on a major highway at night, where he was almost struck by a car.  PER later took custody of Dusty as well.


After Star was rehabilitated, he was moved into a foster home. Later, volunteer Jim Nowlin went out to see if he could be ridden. When his foster home, saw that he was rideable, they decided to adopt him in September 2008. They kept him until July 2010 and returned him to PER because no one was riding him.

In April 2011, Star went to another foster home where he was the only horse.  He was very lonely and pacing a lot, so we took Amirah to the foster home to keep him company.  These two horses grew very close and were like two peas in a pod. In March 2012, the fosters decided to raise cattle, so Star and Amirah were both returned to PER.

In July 2012, Star and Amirah were transported to another foster home, where they spent the next 2 years and 8 months grazing

on lush pasture and enjoying life.  In March 2015, the fosters had to move, so Star and Amirah were once again returned to PER.

In April 2015, Star went to another foster home; this time without Amirah.  But Star has two new mares that he has grown very fond of.   Amirah is in another wonderful home with plenty of Arabians, just like herself!  Star has been shuffled around quite a bit, but he has taken it in stride.  Hopefully, he will find his FOREVER home very soon.

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Star is a gentle QH/Cross gelding that would make a great trail horse. He is 15 hands and

22 yrs. old.
Adoption Fee $300.00

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