Cantonment Seizure

Escambia County Animal Control removed several animals from a Cantonment property on 6-17-15 when it was discovered that there was inadequate food and water. A total of sixteen animals including three pot-bellied pigs, four goats, two cows, five horses, one donkey and one mule were brought into the custody of Escambia County. Three of the horses were taken to Panhandle Equine Rescue, where they could receive closer monitoring and rehabilitation. Charges have not been filed as of this date. PER is in critical need of donations, since we took in three more horses less than a month ago. If you can help, please send your tax deductible contribution to P.E.R., P.O. Box 777, Cantonment, FL. 32533 or use Paypal on our website;

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Molino Mustang seized after abandonment

On, 2-11-15, Panhandle Equine Rescue assisted Escambia County Animal Control in seizing one mustang gelding, that we have named Smarty. He was abandoned at a vacant property with no food or water, so authorities had to step in and remove him. Dr. Sara Clark, DVM came out this morning to evaluate Smarty (and help us name him). He will have to be fed small amounts of grain for several days, but should fully recover.

Donations would be appreciated to aid in Smarty’s rehabilitation. Your tax deductible contribution can be sent to: P.E.R., P.O. Box 777, Cantonment, FL. 32533 or you can use Paypal on our website:
We rely on your support to rescue horses like Smarty. Please help if you can; no amount is too small.

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Special THANKS to our local media outlets for helping get the word out to help equines in need and reduce animal cruelty in Escambia County!!!

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Diane Lowery