PER Meeting Reminder, Thursday, 2/19 IHOP

It is going to be a cold week.   Doesn’t a hot cup of coffee from IHOP sound good?


Remember, our first general meeting of the year will be this Thursday, February 19th at the IHOP located at 6707 N. Pensacola Blvd., which is by Sam’s Fun City, close to W St.   If you can be there by 6:00 PM to eat, this will be a good opportunity to have dinner with the group and get to know each other.  (Also, the room is free as long as the majority of attendees order food.)  The meeting will start at 6:45 PM.  If you can’t make it by 6:00, that is okay;  we do understand that work hours can be a hindrance.  It will be okay to order if you arrive late.


Hope to see you there,


Diane Lowery


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