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Panhandle Equine Rescue would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and also thank you for your continued support in helping us to continue our mission of helping horses in need for the past ten years.  As 2015 comes to an end, we are counting on your contribution, so we can help the many horses that are still suffering from abuse and neglect.  The coldest months of the year are upon us and it is especially hard on those who simply don’t have enough body weight to keep them warm.  These horses are usually reported by local residents when they are down for several hours or even days and don’t appear to be able to get up on their own.  Sadly, for some horses it may be too late. This poor filly had been down for days before she was reported.  The photograph was taken by PER investigators on the coldest day of the year and at this time she was still alive.  She suffered at the hands of her neglectful owner, who was arrested at the scene.  Unfortunately, this horse couldn’t be saved and had to be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian.  This is the reality of what we are facing this winter. PER currently has 25 horses in foster care; eight of them were rescued this year.  Lisa was one of the eight and she has already been adopted into a wonderful home.  Smarty, Grace, Hope, Sadie, Scarlet, Trouble and Chance (born after rescue) are still in need of a home.                                         

This year, two senior horses, 28-year-old Thunder and 23-year-old Dusty, who were both adopted from PER several years ago were returned due to life circumstances that couldn’t be helped. That is our promise to each horse that we rescue. In the event that the adopter can no longer keep them, they are required to be returned to PER or transferred to a new, pre-approved, home. We offer these horses a lifetime safety net ensuring that they will never end up being neglected or abused again. Taking on the responsibility of so many horses for their entire life is a huge commitment that we are willing to take.  But we need your help to make sure that horses like 8 month old Scarlet and 3 month old Chance will have a safe place to come to if their adoption home can no longer keep them.       

It is time for 2015 tax deductible contributions to be made and we are hoping to receive your support this year. Since it is the season of giving, if you have a special someone who is hard to buy for, you may want to consider donating in their honor, and they will be happily surprised when they receive the special gift of an acknowledgement from PER.  Or you may want to donate in memory of a person or pet that has passed on. There are several ways you can give to help the horses: 1. Mail a check to PER, P.O. Box 777, Cantonment, FL.  32533 2. Go through Paypal on our website: . Call or stop by and add funds to our account at the following locations: HH Feed & Seed, 1280 Hwy. 97 in Molino, FL.   850-587-3179Farm and Nursery Mart, 7460 Pine Forest Rd., Pensacola, FL.   850-944-5700Mannings Country Store, 5493 Alabama St., Milton, FL.   850-623-2426 No amount is too small.  The horses will thank you for it.    PER wishes you a safe and blessed Christmas.   

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