Sky Returns To PER

The second horse that PER rescued was in April 2005. It has been 10 years now and Sky has come full circle. She is now back at our facility. She was donated to PER 10 years ago by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department after they picked her up after a hurricane. She was abandoned, thin and dragging a rope behind her. They kept her at the county impound facility for several weeks and when they heard about the newly formed Horse Rescue in their county, they requested that we take her. Of course, we would!

Shortly thereafter, our local newspaper did a full page write up on Sky and the newly formed local horse rescue. She was instrumental in bringing Panhandle Equine Rescue to the attention of the community for the first time.

Sky has a freeze brand on her neck, so someone from the local Arabian Horse Club was nice enough to trace down Sky’s history. It was discovered that she foaled on June 18, 1984. She produced a grey filly in 1995 and a chestnut filly in 1996. It was also noted that her last listed owner was in Terrell, TX. She was shown twice as a 2 yr. old in Arab shows. The listed owner purchased her in 1992 and they bred her twice. Sky’s registered name is “Dragonwyck Heirss”. Her pedigree is outstanding. She is considered “Straight Egyptian”. She was born in Rockford, IL and then went to Gillette, WY in November of 1984. On April 9, 1992, Sky went to Terrell, TX to her last listed owner. She spoke with her previous owners who still have most of their horses and they don’t go through a lot of them real fast. They had stallions and did some breeding. After that the trail runs cold. We don’t know how Sky ended up in Florida, abandoned and neglected. But she did and lucky for her, she landed at PER.

Sky was adopted in June 2005, where she remained for over a year, but due to her owner’s lack of time, she was returned to PER. Luckily, her adoption was transferred to a young lady who had just bought a 42 acre ranch. That ranch was named after Sky. Many of you remember it as “Forever Sky”. There was even a statue of Sky carved out of a rock at the ranch. She remained there until October 2011, when the ranch was forced to close down and Sky was once again returned to PER.

Sky was adopted right away for the third time and transferred to Nightmare Ranch to serve as a companion to an aged gelding. He died in May 2013, so Sky had no purpose to her adopter any longer, so she was once again returned to PER. The owner of Nightmare Ranch agreed to foster Sky, so she remained at her place of security.

It has been two years now and Nightmare Ranch has to downsize leaving limited space for the horses. So Sky has come home to the PER facility after 10 years of going in and out of adoption and foster homes. I’m sure she is wondering why she is back. But this little mare is very wise in her older years and seems to understand that she is going to be okay.

PER’s promise is a commitment for life for all of the horses that we have rescued. Our goal is make sure they are never mistreated, abandoned or go hungry again. And that has been our promise to Sky, who is now 31 years old and home once again.

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